by Mad Judy

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released August 15, 2013

recorded March 2013 by Patrick Hills
at Earth Tone studios
Rocklin, CA

additional vocals by Dead Dads
whale noises on "Okanomy" by Patrick Hills



all rights reserved


Mad Judy Sacramento, California

Well, art is art, isn't it?

Still, on the other hand, water is water.

And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does.


I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception.
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Track Name: Good Luck (Yr Dyin)
These days it's getting hard to breathe and tedious to cope
My lips cemented memories of sucking up shadows
I've no sense of taste but I hope that makes me look cool
While I vomit exhaust fumes

Want a drag? I dunno
Started so damn long ago
Tryin' to quit? Yes I am, good luck
I'm cutting down, til I buy more cigarettes

My heart is beating like a phone book in a dryer
It doesn't matter much to me, can't get much higher
I've no sense of space but I hope that makes me look cool
While I choke on my eventual doom

One day I'll be old and decrepit but I don't give a fuck
Cause I don't wanna waste my life ?fuckin' nunchucks?
I've no will to live but I hope that makes me look cool
Cause it sure does make me a happy man
Track Name: Foghorn At Your Funeral
Trash my reactions, I have no phobias
Down for things like atom bombs and alien invasions
I don’t always smile but when I do I shouldn’t
Call it an error, yeah it is, whatever, I don’t care at all
Spill my guts all over yours; I know that you could love me

I know you know what I’m feeling
You’ve had the thoughts I been thinking
Every awful thing you’ve ever dealt with
Rely on stone cold minds to make everything alright
Til nothing means something, you’re not alone

Perceptions discarded, reject our own realities
And now my endless mind will never mind at all
So we sustain and I can’t hold on any longer
It’s an error, yeah, so what, whatever, never cared at all
Your reaction to my sores doesn't mean that you could love me

Antidisestablishmentarianism is a word I used to know how to spell
Now I won’t ever talk to you, you’re a heart and head and stomach flu
And I'm already tired as hell
Track Name: The Other One
I mostly see your face around here between the crowd
I find my eyes wandering
I find myself wondering
The small talk is timed between you and me
No worlds are shared by us
No thoughts are shared by us

I always find myself thinking of you in the back of my head

I struggle with thoughts
Words slurred and smeared
Can’t get a decent night’s rest
My mind is fresh with regrets
Fucked from the start
Feelings are my cage
I don’t like this
Cannot breath
That fits me nicely

It’s a long drive from here but we’re leaving
Looking at the road but only see your face
Gas station dinosaurs
Too many truck stops
It’s all down hill from here

I never wanted to leave you behind
But I’m long gone, I’m heading for the sun
And if you think of me remember an asshole
For all the shitty things I’ve done
Track Name: Okanomy
?rip it up?

Brought you into my room
Brushed your hand as I passed you my light
Thought of you in my bed
Making everyone as jealous as I’ve been
Left and I smoked alone
Hoped you’d crawl through a hole in my closet
And bury me in the floor
Does that mean anything?

I’m so happy, jump for joy into a harsh reality
From a 7th story window
I’m just acting in a role that I was told was made for me
But I don’t know all the cues, what would I do?

Heard that you cut your hair
When I saw you it begged for my fingers
Then I saw your tattoo
And nervously laughed out loud on the inside
You brought over your news
I hung on your words as they blew out my window
And left you there in my room
Where you never saw yourself out again

"The rain it has come at last
For which we've been waiting
The hawkers have packed up their stands
There's nothing to be traded
The soviets beside the quay
Have gone back through their fences
But where have you gone?
We need you here"

?its super effective?
Track Name: Windmills Belong In Holland, Not Hardcore!
Rode my bike out to the reservoir
Seems like no one's ever here
The weeds have grown around our empty beers
Perched on the concrete and smoked a cigarette
While the cars passed by on cutty cruises
A painting of a rest in development

I want more than you
I don't know where, but it's alright
I want more than you
And I'm sorry that I'm sitting out here
Waiting for you to show

Pulled my jacket tight against my bones
The wind began to give me chills
As the sun set over deathly hollow hills
Saw a shooting star as I rode home
Consider us one in the same
Cuz we both won't ever see this place again

I don't wanna kiss right now
It's just too much to handle now
If you wanna leave right now