Mad Judy

by Mad Judy

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released June 6, 2012

tracks 1-3 recorded October 2011
by Doobie War at War Machine studios
Stockton, CA

tracks 5-8 recorded February 2012
during a live studio broadcast on KDVS
Davis, CA



all rights reserved


Mad Judy Sacramento, California

Well, art is art, isn't it?

Still, on the other hand, water is water.

And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does.


I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception.
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Track Name: What Jill Says
Say I'm no good at pretending
When I don't really even care
Too hard to fall in love
I hate the clothes Jill makes me wear
Jesus, won't you come deliver me
From my private hell
He says boy, don't you read your bible none?
I only help those who help themselves

Don't call me over to your place
Cause I ain't coming inside
I bought a gun to keep me
Safe from you til your libido dies
Satan, won't you lend a hand
I'd be willing to make a deal
He says boy, I'd love to steal your soul
But even I can't fix the way she feels

Somethings killing me, Jill just doesn't see
It's no fun to be alone with me
Jill calls me her king, she's my guillotine
Jill says lots of stupid shit to me
To get me in her bed

You got arms like a Burmese python
Dogs wail when you call my name
Too hard to fall in love
When love smells like a fast-food beer shit
Track Name: Rusty Nail
You could build a home in my head
With mold in the walls from leaks in the ceiling
Picket fence left half undone
And garbage spilling out onto the road
Borrowed sanities for money I still owe
When the walls come down, we'd die and...

Madness is my friend and I'm feeding him again
I'm draining memories from my head
They're pouring in, then out again
I'm totally alone, can't wait to break my bones
And let the nails rust in my skin
That holds me in, it's wearing thin
It's troubling, the shape I'm in, I'll never stop

You could be the ghost in my bed
A paranoid schizo deity
Try to rip your hands from my neck
I can't wake up, I wonder if I'm dead
Like something from a book I've never read
Still the story got me crying...

If you could see your home in my head
With mold in the walls from leaks in the ceiling
Picket fence left half torn down
And garbage spilling out onto the road
Broken sanities for money I still owe
When the walls come down we'll surely die
Track Name: Kurt Kennedy
All your sympathies
Add up to nothing
And with a single breath
I'll sing your end

You always go and you never wanna stay
You always lied while I always felt betrayed
What's the truth? Please tell me what is right
Sick of you, Yeah, I hope you die tonight

It's the same old song
Should've known it all along
When you cried you made me bleed
Fuck you!

Yeah, you're just a fool
I'm sick of you